Slimming Services

(刮痧Gua Sa 拔罐Ba Guan

90 mins |  $118  | every three weeks or once a month

Cupping improves your metabolism by removing stagnation in your blood


As we age, our circulatory system weakens, which interferes with the movement of blood. In traditional Chinese terms, we refer to this as blood stasis or "dampness".


Stagnating blood interferes with the delivery of fresh blood to cells, tissues and organs. Over time, this causes them to become metabolically more inefficient.


Cupping therapy loosens up connective tissue and opens up capillaries, allowing newly oxygenated blood to pour into the area of application. This helps your cells grow, repair and in the process accelerate your metabolism.


At the same time, this process flushes out the stagnated blood through the lymphatic system, carrying waste and ruptured fat cells along with it.    

What makes cupping so special is that it can affect tissues up to four inches beneath the skin. This makes it one of the best deep-tissue therapies available, since it can even remove visceral fat nestled around your internal organs.